Valuing Property with Development Potential

Understand Properties with Development Potential as Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley Move Towards Multiplex Zoning

Over 6 Topics you will learn how to understand the development potential of Real Estate. This includes navigating City Mapping Systems, Autoprop, Official Community plans and Zoning Bylaws calculate the maximum gross buildable area for a property. We will then cover the Residual Land Value and Direct Comparison approach to pricing property that will include a sample Comparative Market Analysis that Bill used to earn over 500 listings in his career.


Valuing Property with Development Potential

This 6 Module Online Course is the Process to Understand Property with Development Potentialā€¦ using real-world examples from the new Multiplex Zoning in Vancouver.

Module 1: City Mapping Systems

Each City hosts their own mapping system and Autoprop consolidates that information into one easy to use online program. Features include: Lot Sizes,Ā Frontgate, Current Zoning, Official Community Plan Land Use Designations, Environmentally Sensitive Areas and Measurement Tools.

ModuleĀ 2: Official Community Plans

The Official Community Plan Amendments are the greatest instantaneous change in Real Estate Values. This topic is what allowed our Bill to retire his real estate license and become a Multi-Family Developer. It is also how you can have the most influence on how our communities develop.

Module 3:Ā Zoning Bylaws

To understand the full potential of a property, the zoning bylaw will provide Floor Space Ratios (FSRā€™s) that provide the maximum building area in relation to the land size. This topic will include massing studies and the importance of lot features such as a back lane and a regular shaped lot.

ModuleĀ 4: Feasibility Studies

The 3 Main Feasibility Steps include: Environmentally Sensitive Areas (Waterways and Protected Trees), Current Services (Water, Sewer, Storm, Gas and Electricity) and Contours (Steep Slopes and Excluded Basements).

ModuleĀ 5: Pricing Multiplex Properties in Vancouver

You will learn the Residual Land Value Proforma and Direct Comparison Approach to Pricing Property. This includes a detailed review of the main division codes included in Hard Costs and a breakdown of Soft Cost estimates including Consultants, City Fees, Interest Expense and Off Site Servicing Upgrades.

ModuleĀ 6:Ā Multiplex Opportunities

We will review land sales in the Cambie Phase 3 Corridor (1.2 FSR) and apply the valuations to the new Multiplex Zone (1 FSR). This topic will also provide suggestions on what properties to select for the highest likelihood of development success.

The course provides weekly pre-recorded training that will beĀ released weekly starting August 25th, 2023.

Bill Laider

Meet Your Instructor

As one of the TriCities' top performing agents from 2012 ā€“ 2020, Bill Laidler has earned a strong reputation and the trust of thousands of local community members.

In his first year as a Realtor, he completed 49 transactions and grew to over 120 in his 3rd year licensed. Retiring from sales after 7 years, Laidler is a joint venture partner behind Sitka House, Port Moody - an 88 unit woodframe condo building.

ThisĀ course will provide you with a blueprint for one ofĀ theĀ most important skills taught at theĀ Laidler Academy.

OurĀ Development Success...

Laidler's first multifamily project Sitka House - 88 unit 6 storey wood frame development in Port Moody - wasĀ 90% sold within the first 3 weeksĀ of marketing. From a land purchase starting at $1.1M gross volume ofĀ sales totaled ofĀ $50M four short years later.

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