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Master How to Develop Profitable Multiplex Properties

From Selecting the Right Property to Proformas to Joint Ventures and Raising Equity.. This 6 week course will allow you to Execute on Your Own Developments and Guide Clients Through Successful Projects.

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Apply for the Business Accelerator

Laidler Academy is now accepting interest for training designed to provide agents with the step by step process to build a listing based business with a focus on servicing your past clients, personal contacts and professional network. 

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Select the Right Multiplex Locations to Invest In

Our latest self-guided course on Multiplex Due Diligence for Residential Realtors will show you how to advise clients and select ideal properties for your own real estate portfolio using the zoning bylaw updates for Vancouver Multiplex Zoning as an example.

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Understand How to Value Property for Development

This 6-topic course is the Process to Value Property with Development Potential using real-world examples from the new Multiplex Zoning in Vancouver. Note that this training does not cover land assemblies beyond a single lot multiplex development.

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